Background Support

Vendr works with the Sourcegraph owner in the background to provide strategic guidance, supplier-specific insights, and positioning. An owner might leverage this option in the event that they want to:

  • Keep the relationship between themselves and their account representative
  • If they don’t have the 15 days required for Vendr to negotiate on their behalf
  • Or they just want to run a negotiation by a Vendr buyer for their expertise opinion

What you will need to get started:

  • At least 5 business days prior to your deadline if you want background support for your negotiation
  • You have a quote (which is over $5K) and or terms that you want to share with Vendr

If you have this then you can submit an intake form through the portal

Process: This chart is intended to show who is responsible for completing each task

Submit intake form through VendrX
Confirm with Sourcegraph owner within 48 hours of intake submissionX
Negotiate price and submit default legal/financial terms and security requirements to supplierX
Connect Sourcegraph legal with Supplier to sign of on necessary legal documentsX
Connect Sourcegraph security with Supplier to sign off on necessary security documentsX
Final Terms review by Sourcegraph FinanceX
Route for final signatures by owner / budget owner and supplierX
Save finalize documents about the deal to the Vendr portalX
Save finalized documents about the deal to the Sourcegraph’s supplier folderX