Submitting an intake form

Intake forms are required for all deals that go through Vendr regardless if it is supplier-facing negotiations or background support

Vendr has a video for How to submit an intake or else follow these steps:

  1. Login to Vendr through Okta
  2. Go to the Supplier search page
  3. Search for your new supplier
  4. Click the Buy button
  5. Choose the type of deal:
  • Net New: Brand new request for a supplier you don’t currently work with or upgrading from a freemium or PoC.
  • Renewal: Renewing an existing supplier’s product you currently use.
  • Mid-Term: Upgrading or downgrading mid way through an existing engagement with a supplier.
  • Month to Month: Supplier engagement on a month to month basis. Looking to explore an annual contract.
  1. Follow the steps in the intake form—make sure to fill out all the fields.


What is typically covered on the intake form:

General: Please provide a high-level description of what you’d like Vendr to purchase on your behalf.

Scope: Help your Buyer understand the scope of this purchase. What type of licenses/volume do you want and do you expect to need it all on day 1 or ramped throughout the year?


  • Ideally, what would you like to pay for this purchase?
  • How’d you get to this number?
  • Is this already budgeted for and approved?
  • If not, who should we talk to?

Timing: Ideally, when would you like to have this product purchased? As a reminder, please give at least 15 days advance notice for Vendr to work this deal. If timelines are shorter, please reach out directly to your primary CSM or expect Vendr to provide background support.

  • Why is that date important to you?

Involvement: How will Vendr be involved?

  • Negotiation: A Vendr Executive Buyer negotiates this deal on my behalf directly with the supplier. Please note: Vendr may need to assist via Background Support if it’s not possible to move through your internal approval process before the selected due date.
  • Background support: Vendr works with me in the background to provide strategic guidance, supplier-specific insights, and positioning. Please note: Per Vendr’s Rules of Engagement, this is how Vendr supports deals with less than 15 business days of lead time.
  • Competition: Help your Buyer understand the competitive landscape of this purchase.


  • Does the salesperson already know that they’ve earned your business?
  • Is this deal still competitive?What else should your Buyer know before purchasing this product for you?
  • Who will be signing this contract?

Point of Contact: Do you have a specific account representative at this supplier? If so, please provide their name and email address. (We won’t reach out without you knowing, but this will help ensure the proper handoff.)

Attachments: Please attach any files associated with this request (i.e. documents, images, contracts, etc.).