Renewals with Vendr

Vendr will automatically trigger an email asking the owner to submit an intake form for the upcoming renewal. These emails will be triggered 90–120 days before the renewal date. In the intake form you can request the Vendr handle the supplier-facing negotiations or provide background support.

Please check to make sure you review your tech stack in Vendr and ensure the correct renewal/expiration dates have been entered.

Automatic Intake Reminders (AIR) for renewals:

  • AIR notifications for renewals are sent out every Tuesday morning, only for deals in the “SaaS stack” que (handshake icon)
  • For deals that are more than 100 days from renewal, no notice will be sent
  • For deals that are 60–100 days from renewal, an AIR email notification will be sent to the deal stakeholder(s) for each week that the deal is due in this range, until an intake is submitted (or the stakeholder alerts the Vendr team of churn/a different situation)
  • On the first week that a deal becomes due in 59 days or sooner, an “escalation” message will be sent to our shared slack channel alerting the stakeholder to submit an intake. This will be the last automatic reminder about the deal.