Technical Success

Our Mission

To lead the technical success of prospective & existing customers by guiding them to positive outcomes using Sourcegraph.


  • Customer Engineering are the pre-sales technical experts. CE understands the needs and challenges devs face and educate prospective devs on what’s possible with Sourcegraph.
  • Professional Services are our technical implementation and strategic advisory experts. Implementation Engineers reduce complexity and burden on customers by providing tailored expertise and hands-on support to reduce time to value. Resident Architects provide strategic technical success planning, tailored ongoing enablement, and hands-on assistance for adoption and utilization of features while activating advanced use cases for customers via direct access to customer systems and teams.
  • Technical Advisory are the post-sales technical experts. TA maximizes value and outcomes within our customer dev teams by helping them solve their current challenges, and uncovering new challenges we can solve.
  • Support Engineering are the product experts. SE resolves technical issues and problems for our customers, while improving the self-serviceability of the customer experience, and by making our product better.

Team Members