Customer Engineering (CE)

Who we are

Customer Engineering at Sourcegraph is responsible for the pre-sales technical success of prospective dev users. We serve as the product experts during the sales cycle, leading product demonstrations, technical solutioning, and trials for new prospects and new opportunities within existing customers.

Our Team Purpose Statement

Building trusted relationships with prospective dev users by aligning our solutions to their needs to accelerate their business

Team KPIs / Measures of Success

The two primary team KPIs for CE are:

  • iARR
  • Technical Closure of Trials


As the pre-sales technical leader, CEs play an integral role in closing incremental annual recurring revenue. This dimension looks at the number of new customers acquired, net number of opportunities successfully closed, and number of products sold whether on a net new prospect or within a new team at an existing customer.

Technical Closure of Trials

During the sales cycle CE’s typically lead a customer through a technical validation (trials). A primary measure of success is the technical closure of a trial, which we refer to as achieving the technical win. For any deal that enters Stage 4 (technical validation), we expect the CE to lead the customer through a successful technical validation based on their stated needs and evaluation criteria.

Team Reference Resources

Team Culture

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How to Reach Us

You can reach us at the #ce channel or @ce on Slack.

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