CE Team Norms

Recurring Team Meetings

  • **CE Regional meetings(weekly): Regional team syncs; pre sales teammates discuss their current opportunities and crowdsource how to help advance the deals
  • Global team meeting (monthly): Top-down communication to the global organization for pre sales

OOO Protocols

Prior to taking time off, CEs should:

  1. Log time off request in PTO by Deel
  2. Log time off on the CE team google calendar
  3. Create a coverage plan, with dedicated CEs identified, and ensure the CEs and AE is aware of the plan.
  4. Notify their customers through the appropriate channel of their upcoming OOO
  5. Update their slack status accordingly with OOO dates indicated

CE-Specific Slack Channels

Slack ChannelDescription
#team-ceInternal channel the CE team uses to touch base with each other.
#discuss-ceExternal channel for other teams to ask CEs a question.
#discuss-customer-supportWhere support collaborates with everyone outside of support.
#discuss-engineeringWhere CEs can ask product and Eng questions about Sourcegraph.
#feedbackWhere CEs can share customer feedback with product.
#discuss-technical-successWhere customer-facing technical teams collaborate on questions and issues.