Implementation Engineering (IE)

Who we are

The Implementation Engineering (IE) team at Sourcegraph is a dedicated team of engineers and project managers who specialize and have expertise in deploying, installing, and configuring Sourcegraph within customer’s cloud and on-premise environments. The IE team primarily focuses on complex Kubernetes deployments, while also assisting the Customer Engineering and Technical Advisor teams with smaller scale tasks. Implementation Engineers work front and center directly with customers, in collaboration with internal teams, to lead the implementation effort and get Sourcegraph running in customer environments quickly and efficiently. Implementation Project Managers oversee the internal and external tasks, needs, and dependencies across these implementations, and also handles internal and external reporting.

The IE team works primarily in support of Strategic customers as they deploy Sourcegraph into production environments. IE is introduced to the customer at the start of a contract, and will work closely with the customer to ensure all deployment success criteria are met. IE will additionally provide Sourcegraph-specific insights such as optimizing allocation of compute resources for the customer instance and configuration and deployment best practices. IE typically works in an advisory role to the customer with regular deployment syncs, asynchronous support, and ad-hoc, hands-on working sessions.

Our Team Purpose Statement

Optimizing time to value by providing an exceptional product delivery experience through technical excellence

Team KPIs / Measures of Success

The primary team KPI for IE is:

  • Implementation duration

Implementation duration is the time it takes to install, setup, and configure a working production environment for our customers that is ready for user onboarding. Our ideal state is for our customers, even in the most complex of situations, to have a working production instance within 30 days.

Team Reference Resources

Accountability Areas