Professional Services

We have introduced a variety of Professional Service offerings for our Enterprise customers, and plan to continue expanding the available services that we can provide. These services are intended to help our customers solve complex problems and achieve their goals and outcomes faster through tailored solutions and support services.

For services-specific documentation and resources, see below. For high-level Professional Services documentation, see:

Services Roadmap

Below is our high-level prioritized roadmap as of :

Offering Description Expected Availability
Premium Support Premium SLAs for faster response times and dedicated technical support & expertise Available
Implementation & Managed Services Expert hands-on implementation services for self-hosted customers, including initial install and configuration, migration services, managed and maintenance services, and more Available
Onboarding Jumpstarts Expedite time to value through dedicated and custom user onboarding against customer-defined goals +
Paid Training Expert-led, live or remote training designed to upskill dev workflows and abilities +
Custom Development Sprint-based execution of development projects which extend Sourcegraph’s capabilities through API-based integrations, custom batch specs, and more +

Implementation Services

Overview - Dedicated, paid Implementation Services to design, plan, and provide hands-on assistance for Sourcegraph self-hosted production deployments projects. This service will:

  • Reduce time-to-value by expediting initial installs and user onboarding, providing direct access to to the environment, and giving advanced technical admin training to our -customers
  • Provide dedicated technical expertise in implementation project management and engineering with deep technical infrastructure knowledge
  • Reduce resource burden on customers installing Sourcegraph through hands-on assistance and expertise

Implementation Services Customer Profiles

  • Implementation Services will be considered mandatory for the following customers, unless otherwise exempt by the Implementation Team and GTM Leadership:
    • Any organization planning to deploy self-hosted or on-prem with Kubernetes
    • Any organization planning to deploy using external (i.e. not built-in) infrastructure/services
  • Implementation Services is also good for:
    • Any organization the pre-sales team feels will be particularly complex or would strategically benefit from the additional support provided by Implementation Services
    • Any organization that does not have the necessary resources or expertise required to successfully implement Sourcegraph

Implementation Services Resources:

Managed Services

Overview - Sourcegraph management of self-hosted customer instances. Use of Managed Services will typically entail badged and/or VPN access for the Sourcegraph team to oversee management of existing customer’s instances. This service will:

  • Provide dedicated experts with deep technical and infrastructure knowledge
  • Reduce resource burden by offloading maintenance of self-hosted Sourcegraph instances, providing quarterly instance tuning, and handling ongoing maintenance, upgrades, migration, configuration, and infrastructure related projects

Managed Services Customer Profiles

  • Enterprise and Strategic, self-hosted customers with the ability to grant the necessary acccess to Sourcegraph that would benefit from the hands-on instance support provided by this service.

Managed Services Resources:

Premium Support

Overview - A variety of packages designed to enhance the support experience provided to our customers including:

  • Priority Support with 24x7 SLAs
  • Dedicated Support Engineers
  • Slack Support
  • Slack Account Management

Premium Support Resources:

Slack and Professional Services

Sourcegraph account and support teams can communicate with the customer via Slack only if the appropriate Slack services offering has been purchased. The available Slack services are:

  • Slack Support - Access to Support Engineering via Slack with better visibility into the Support ticketing process. With Slack Support, support tickets can be created directly from the Slack channel, and the customer will have a direct line to the Support Engineers reviewing their issues.
  • Slack Account Management - Improved communications with the account team via Slack. The following are included with this offering:
    • Standardized Training and Enablement Materials through Slack, including the ability for users to directly ask questions during their Sourcegraph onboarding
    • Monthly usage reports sent via Slack (for non airgapped customers)
    • New release messages and upgrade planning
    • Direct line to provide product feedback

Also, Commercial Customers (based on our market segmentation) who would not otherwise have a dedicated TA will get one with the purchase of Slack Account Management.

Slack is included with the purchase of various Professional Services packages as follows:

  • Implementation Service (Both Packages)
    • Slack channels only included during the duration of the implementation. Slack Support and/or Slack Account Management would need to be purchased separately for the channel to continue following the implementation.
  • Managed Services (Both Packages)
    • Slack Support and Slack Account Management Included
  • 24/7 SLAs
    • Slack Support and Slack Account Management Included
  • Dedicated Support
    • Slack Support and Slack Account Management Included
  • Slack Support
    • Slack Account Management Included