Support Engineering

Supporting Engineering at Sourcegraph is responsible for answering technical & product questions and solving technical issues & problems that our customers, open source users, and teammates encounter. We improve our customers’ experience by making our documentation better and more self-service and we contribute code in order to make our product better.

Our Team Purpose Statement

Aid the technical success of our customers by resolving their problems and making our product and their experience better

Team KPIs / Measures of Success

  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
  • SLA Achievement (Time to First Response)

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

We want to deliver our customers with an exceptional customer experience. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) is the most important measurement of our success. Questions and issues will always arise - the experience that we provide to our customers in those moments is our ultimate north star.

SLA Achievement (Time to First Response)

Our main SLA (service level agreement) on tickets is time to first response (TTFR). We aim to meet this 95% of the time. Meeting the SLA requires a thoughtful first response that summarizes the troubleshooting the support engineer has already done or will do, as well as next steps. A response of “we are on it” is not be sufficient for us to count as successfully meeting SLA.

Our guiding principles:

  • Persistently working toward and/or seeking resolution that works equally for our customers and us
  • Staying at least a step ahead (summarizing current status, giving clear next steps, and setting expectations in every communication)
  • Being flexible and open, maintaining a first principles thinking approach, and always confronting and growing past our biases
  • Outgrowing ourselves, the way we work, and continuously improving
  • Sharing our learnings through our official documentation so that customers have a single source of truth

Team Reference Resources

Team Culture & Norms

Internal Team Resources

External Team Resources


Our SLAs are defined in our docs page here.

Support on-call

We use OpsGenie for our 24x7 Support rotation. This is for customers that have paid for this service or emergencies that require a Support Engineer immediately. You can trigger this on Slack by using the command: /genie alert [alert message] for customer-support.

If you are an SE that needs a Manager or anyone else that needs SE leadership you can page them with the Slack command: /genie alert [alert message] for support-mgmt