CS collaboration time!


  • Synchronous time for support engineers on the Customer Support team to discuss current and past tickets, other items that we need help on or anything you learned that you’re excited about and would like to share with the group!
  • Facilitate learning and team bonding, and many virtual high fives!
  • Attendance is encouraged, but not required. Additionally, you do not need to attend all three sessions. Ideally you would join the one that best aligns with your work schedule.
  • There is no official facilitator. Instead, individual support engineers have set up the recurring meeting.
  • This is not for time sensitive issues. Use your best judgement—if the issue cannot wait for collaboration time, then seek help before the meeting.
  • Time and days subject to future adjustment as needed by the group.

Current time and days:

  • Option A) CS Collab time! edition (7–8am PT) Wednesday
  • Option B) CS Collab time! edition () Wednesday

How to participate:

  • Add any ticket/slack links for cases you would like help with, interesting stuff you’d like to share, or other techy thing you’d like help with into the #customer-support-internal slack thread reminder that goes off 15 minutes prior to the desired meeting.
  • Examples: https://sourcegraph.zendesk.com/agent/tickets/some_slack_ticket_# “Would like to share this cool I learned with everyone!” or “I was trying to do xyz with <docker/k8/etc> and having trouble, and i’d like help”
  • If you have linked an item, be prepared to share a short summary of it, including what kind of help you’re seeking.
  • Join the zoom meeting at scheduled time based on the calendar invite.
  • Generally the group goes in order of first item linked to last.
  • If there are no items posted in the thread then the meeting can be “cancelled” for that day.