Setting Up Foqal

We use as the glue between Zendesk and individual Slack channels that are shared between customers and Sourcegraph. This allows us to have an automated way to create tickets on Slack but keep our SLAs, processes and other tools on Zendesk.

Setting up a new customer with Foqal for pre-sales engagement

For AEs/CEs/TAs:

Please have the customer create a ticket with us via our portal or email (

Setting up a new customer with Foqal for post-sales engagement

For AEs/CEs/TAs:

Please post in #discuss-support-engineering and tell us what channel Support Agent needs to be added in. We will then confirm once its setup.

For Support:

  1. Join the channel that needs Support Agent enabled (ex. #customer-acme-sourcegraph)
  2. Go to the channel settings (top right) and under Integrations click Add App You will want to add the one named Agent
  3. Once that is done we can tweak the channel settings. This can be done by typing:
    A pop-up will appear with the settings you need to set for this channel
  4. Enter the following into the pop-up
  • Introduction Message - leave blank
  • Channel Mode - Manual
  • Tags - all and followup. If customer is using managed instance add managed-instance
  • Ignore Internal Messages - leave blank
  • Chat integration - Inherit from global settings
  • Request Types - Support Question
  • Channel Menu (click the button)
    • Action - Create ticket and thread
    • Channel Text
    Question for Support?
    • After Click Text - leave blank
    • Welcome Message
    Thanks for reaching out! One of our team members will get back to you shortly! Please add any additional information to this thread, Thanks!

Once all of this is done an pop-up should show up at the bottom of the channel that allows customers to create requests.

They are also able to create ticket by reacting to a message with the 🎟️ emoji.

Disabling Foqal for a channel

If a customer has Slack Support but downgrades or if a prospect does not buy Slack Support we need to disable the banner (if applicable) and remove the Support Agent application from the channel

If banner (e.g. Question for Support at the bottom of channel) is enabled:

  1. Go to the channel and type /agent
  2. Under Channel Menu click Channel Menu
  3. Set Action to Disabled

For both banner and banner-less channels:

  1. Go to the channel settings (top right) and under Integrations click Support Agent
  2. Click Remove this app from #channel-name