Managing CS-AWS Docker Compose

Our CS Docker Compose test instance is hosted on an Amazon EC2 server instance. The instance was setup following the instructions found on To manage cloud resources and networking you must have Sourcegraph AWS/EC2 IAM credentials, learn more here. You can access the instance from the Url below:

(note the URL reflects the former title on the team)

SSH into instance to run Docker CLI commands

To access the CS-AWS server and run Docker commands you’ll need to create a Secure Shell (SSH) connection. Instructions to configure this connection are found below:

  1. Create a directory from which you’ll run commands to access CS AWS:
    $ mkdir cse-aws
  2. Within cse-aws create a file cse-aws.pem:
    $ touch cse-aws.pem
  3. Populate cse-aws.pem with its RSA private key by copying the key from 1Password into the file with your editor of choice. Copy the whole block including -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- and -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----.
  4. Finally set its permissions such that only the root user can read it:
    $ chmod 400 cse-aws.pem

Now that you’ve set up your SSH access credentials you can use the following command from inside the directory containing the cse-aws.pem:

ssh -i "cse-aws.pem"

You may also add the pem key to a .ssh directory and use the following command:

ssh -i .ssh/cse-aws.pem

Upgrading CS-AWS

Upgrading CS-AWS follows the standard procedure for upgrading a compose instance. The EC2 instance points at a fork of deploy-sourcegraph-docker. Any customizations should be applied to the override file rather than the default docker-compose.yaml file. Learn more about docker compose override files.


cse-aws uses executors to process codeintel. During upgrades use the docker-compose command:

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yaml -f executors/executor.docker-compose.yaml up -d

Learn more in the standard, and find a note on our secrets in a OnePassword Secure Note. Remember not to commit these to the remote during upgrades!


DNS for cse-aws is handled by our GCP terraform infrastructure: application of changes here requires terraform apply to take effect on our GCP infrastructure