Handling Non-Support Emails

Occasionally, non-support emails will be sent to support@sourcegraph.com, either employment verification, bills, marketing, or spam. Emails that are pertinent should be forwarded to the appropriate team. Emails that are not relevant should either be marked as spam or deleted.

Marking Spam:
If an email is spam, navigate to the ticket menu and select ‘Mark as spam’.

Deleting Emails: If an email is an internal company update or a solicitation email, navigate to the ticket menu and select ‘Delete’.

Forwarding Emails:
To forward an email, expand the menu on the message and click ‘Forward via email’. ZenDesk removes the original sender’s email from the forward, so paste it into the message. If you need to access the support mailbox, use the credentials in the shared 1Password vault.

Determining the Appropriate Recipient:
Consult the relevant Slack channel to identify the correct recipient if the email group is not known:
#discuss-marketing: Cold outreach, marketing, media.
#ask-people-team: Job applications and other employee-related emails. Employment verification emails should be sent to people-ops@sourcegraph.com.
#discuss-finance: Bills, POs, or receipts.

If you are unsure where to direct an email or need help determining the appropriate action, request guidance in the #team-support-engineering channel.