Product gaps

When we work through support tickets, we often come across product gaps. Product gaps can be new feature requests or enhancements to our existing features, which might be viable for inclusion in our future roadmap. It’s important to distinguish that a product gap isn’t a bug or a request that strays too far from the core functionality and intended use of Sourcegraph. For more insight on product gaps, please consult the following section of our handbook: Surfacing Product Feedback.

Product gaps are submitted by the customer’s assigned TA or Scaled Success. Thanks to the Vitally integration, you’ll find the account information in the ZenDesk ticket under the Apps section. If there is an error in the integration, head over to Vitally directly and use the search to find the account. For accounts that have a TA, this information will be displayed in the ticket. Accounts managed by Scaled Success will be marked as such under the Support Level section.

If you come across an account that doesn’t have a TA assigned and isn’t under Scaled Success management, feel free to ask in the #discuss-technical-advisors channel about assigning someone to the request.

Accounts with a TA: Include the TA in the issue thread, providing them with the details of the product gap. Keep the ticket open for a few days in case the TA or customer has more to say.

Scaled Success accounts: Head to the #discuss-scaled-success channel and follow the Product Gap Request workflow. Leave the ticket open for a few days, allowing the team or customer to follow up.

This approach ensures a structured and efficient handling of product gaps, facilitating a collaborative effort toward enhancing our product’s functionality and alignment with customer needs.