Removing repositores from cloud

This document is a guide on how to completely remove repositories from Sourcegraph Cloud. (Requests for repo deletion should be routed to #ask-source).


The user should have privileged access to be able to perform this on Sourcegraph Cloud.

⚠️ WARNING: Be careful to make sure everything checks out as per the removal request.

Process of removing repositories

We consider the following kinds of repositories:

  • Public forks of private repositories
  • Public repositories that are made private
  • Public repositories added by other users or organizations other than the owner of the repository
  • Private repositories

The removal process is the same across all the visibility types listed above.

Depending on the environment, exec into pgsql following the steps below:

For Cloud:

Follow the steps here to connect to the database for Sourcegraph Cloud.

For docker-compose deployments:


docker exec -it $PGSQL_CONTAINER -- psql -U sg

🔥 You are directly interfacing with productions databases. If you are unsure of any commands, please reach out in #dev-chat or #dev-ops.

Option 1 (‘Hard’ delete)

A hard delete leaves no trace of the repository in the database

  1. If you know the name of the repo by it’s URI get the id:
SELECT id FROM repo WHERE uri LIKE '';
  1. Delete the repo:
DELETE FROM repo WHERE id=<$id_of_the_repo>;

Option 2 (‘Soft’ delete)

A soft delete does not permanently delete a repository in the database and allows it to be un-deleted in the future.

  1. Get the id of the repo:
SELECT id FROM repo WHERE uri LIKE '';
  1. Soft delete the repo:
UPDATE repo SET name = soft_deleted_repository_name(name), deleted_at = transaction_timestamp() WHERE deleted_at IS NULL AND id = <id_of_the_repo>;

Note: Deleting a repository from the database does not automatically delete the data on disk (in gitserver). This requires an additional step.

  1. To get the correct repo in gitserver you will need to get it’s shard_id by running the following command in the database:
SELECT shard_id FROM gitserver_repos where repo_id = <$id_of_the_repo>

Removing the repository from disk

Exec into gitserver:


kubectl exec -it $GITSERVER_POD sh


docker exec -it $GITSERVER_CONTAINER sh

and then

  1. cd /data/repos/<$codehost/repo-owner>
  2. rm -rf $repo_name

Verifying the repository was removed from the database

  1. Exec into pgsql
  2. SELECT FROM repo WHERE name LIKE '';

Verifying the repository was removed from disk

  1. cd /data/repos/<$codehost/repo-owner>
  2. ls $repo_name

Both instances should return null results to help confirm deletion.

DMCA process

Our DMCA policy for cloud is here