Support Agent and Customer Slack Channels

We currently offer Support via Slack Channels for Enterprise customers through a Support Agent integration that must be integrated into the Slack Channel. This integration is a requirement to ensure we can provide a consistent support experience to our customers in accordance with our Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

There are two methods for the Support Agent integration:

  1. Embedding a Create Request option at the bottom of the channel (preferred option)
  2. By adding a ticket emoji on the message

Below are the steps required to enable either option.

Embedding the Create Request option to the Channel

Step 1: Once the customer slack channel has been created, please reach out to support in #ask-customer-support. This will allow CS leadership to integrate the Support Agent to the customer channel.

Step 2: Once the integration is completed the customer will be able to submit request using the box labeled

Step 3: Send a message in the channel explaining how the customer can utilize the Support Agent: Hi team, we wanted to share the best way to reach our support team if you run into any questions. There will be a message and a button at the bottom of the channel that reads “Question for Support? Create Request.” The Create Request button will open a form where you can fill out information for a Question or Issue. Let us know if you have any questions, Thank you!”

Utilizing the Ticket Emoji to generate a request

The Emoji Reaction will only create a ticket if the emoji is added to the message. This allows customers to post their question in the slack and following up with a :admissions_tickets: reaction. Doing so will trigger the post to create a ticket for our support engineering team. CS leadership will enable this option.