How to Engage with Support

We provide support to Enterprise customers through Slack Channels and email at To ensure a consistent support experience aligned with our Service Level Agreements (SLAs), please follow these best practices:

Best practices

  1. Avoid Blind Forwarding: Please refrain from blindly forwarding tickets to If you need to forward an email into support, include the following information to help us assist you efficiently:

    • Customer details
    • Link to the specific issue
    • Detailed summary of the issue or question
    • Consequences of not taking the desired action
    • Any time considerations and their significance
    • Any additional relevant information that can assist us
  2. Create a Ticket within Zendesk: You can also create a ticket on behalf of the customer in Zendesk. Set the customer as the requestor, select Apply Macro at the bottom left of the screen, and apply the Customer Support Ticket Request macro. Fill out the requested information to provide comprehensive context.

  3. Customers without Slack Agent: If you need help for a customer who doesn’t have our Slack agent installed, please create a ticket for them using the steps mentioned above. Alternatively, you can have the customer reach out to us directly via

Other Teams and Support Engineering

In order to deliver exceptional customer support, it’s important for Sales, Customer Engineering, and Technical Advisors to establish effective interactions with Support Engineering to best support our customers.

Sales and Customer Engineering:

Trial Customers: To create tickets for trial customers send an email to This will notify our Customer Engineering team about any issues or questions from trial customers.

In some cases, a CE only needs some guidance from SE and does not need to fully transition an issue to Support. If this is the case, please reach out to SEs via #discuss-support-engineering directly to discuss the issue.

Post-sales Customers: For post-sales customers, tickets can be created using the 🎟️ emoji in Slack (if Slack Support was purchased), sending an email to, or directly creating a ticket in Zendesk.

Technical Advisors:

Technical Advisors (TAs) and Support Engineers (SEs) collaborate closely in supporting our post-sales customers. If an existing conversation with a customer requires engagement from Support Engineering, please follow the best practices for involving SEs to ensure a smooth and effective resolution.