Support capacity

Support engineers may, at times, find themselves with a queue that demands more attention than they can give it. We want our customers to be satisfied. For this reason, we practice, whenever possible, having a manageable queue. When we find ourselves with a full queue, we prioritize keeping our teammates in the know, and getting our queue back to a manageable state.

While our support team working schedule and rotation helps us balance the workload, sometimes we still find ourselves at or over our capacity. It is up to each Support engineer to determine their capacity at any given moment. When an SE feels they are at, or over capacity, they do the following:

  1. Inform their manager and post in #customer-support-internal that they are at capacity.
  2. Work only on their current tickets.
  3. Do not take any more tickets until their queue is back to a manageable state.
  4. As soon as their queue is healthy, the SE informs their manager, and the team (in #customer-support-internal), and begins taking tickets again.

Management will coordinate ticket load with other SEs while the support engineer works on getting their queue back to a healthy state.