Support Team Schedule

Being an all-remote company means that we can choose to work when we want. This is absolutely true for CS and it is also a little more complicated for us. We have to coordinate a little more so we can honor our service level agreements (SLAs).

This starts by everyone on the team identifying their ideal working hours. If we have good coverage, we are set! If we have gaps, we work together to figure out a solution.


Our schedule is reflected in the working hours set in our calendars.

Team memberLocal hoursUTC hoursPacific hours

We list pacific hours here in support of our contractual SLAs being listed in pacific hours.

Focus day

Working out of a queue can be tiresome and we do this practice to keep the team engaged and able to continuously grow. On the focus day, it’s up to each person how they spend that time. They can work on their tickets, they can learn something, they can work on a project, they can rest – everyone maintains their own agency in what they decide to do. And if ever it feels hard to do the thing someone wants, bring that to your manager and we can sort it out.

Focus day is currently paused while we try to understand and navigate the impact of recent changes on the team. New modalities for this practice will be communicated in due course.

Adjusting the schedule

If an adjustment creates a gap in covering our SLAs, we will figure it out!