Alex Jean-Baptiste

View on Customer Support

I’ve spent enough time on the other end of an automated Verizon Wireless support line. I realize robust, authentic, and fast support can prevent a villain origin story.

Preferred learning style

I have a solitary learning style. I process information very well when left to my own devices. Information sticks best when derived through logic. I prefer processes to have a beginning - middle - end and a reasoning for why. Visual learning is helpful to me when dealing with abstract problems, think algorithms.

Communication style

I communicate to others with timely and humble honesty to get the same in return.

Collaboration style

I work best in 1 on 1 collaboration. I find that group collaboration can lead to a lot of noise (both literal and metaphorical).

Approach to problems

My first response to problems is to find out what is being asked of me. If that is clear I go on to achieving the next action that will bring me closer to the result.

Three modes of action:

  1. Research if I am unfamiliar with the problem.

  2. Request permission if I am familiar with the problem and need authority to continue.

  3. Completing the action if no authority is needed and I am familiar with the problem.

If the problem is not clear, I will ask clarifying questions until I am clear on what is being asked of me. I will repeat it back to whoever is asking for a solution to said problem to make sure we are on the same page as well. I will continue on to solve the problem as mentioned above.

Preferred way to be recognized

A Mark Twain award. Whatever you feel appropriate. I don’t get weird about praise unless it’s undeserved or disingenuious.

What I enjoy at work

Having uninterrupted time to research a problem. Constructive and timely feedback. Mentorship for developing skills in my domain. Looking over the shoulder of people who are more talented than me. (I’m looking for the greatness to rub off on me.)

Thoughts on asking for help

Asking for help is great. I need to feel secure in doing it. It can be unpleasant to get a response that comes with a hint of uninvited superiority.

Preferred time to work

Before I’ve had lunch. After I’ve been able to get in an adequate morning ritual of stretching and silent reflection.

Feelings to receiving messages outside work hours

Go ahead and send it. I would suggest not sending a meeting invite for the start of my working hours or in the morning at all if possible. I don’t have anything work related on my phone so I won’t see it until I log in for work.

How to show up when I’m feeling off

Please don’t ask if I’m OK in a group setting. If in a 1 on 1 setting it is OK to ask but more than likely if it’s enough to get me into a funk I often don’t want to talk about it. Deep breathing is the best medicine for me. At this point in life I’ve learned to take a timeout in the form of a PTO if my funk persists.

Things that make me anxious

Half-truths and gaslighting from an organizational or team level. I want to spend time working not chasing the truth.

Technical areas of knowledge

  • Vanilla JavaScript (Still have to look up ES6 syntax)
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • C# in relation to the .NET ecosystem
  • Enough SQL to get busy
  • Technologies above is a list I feel that I could build an MVP project with in a ~week without swearing
  • Other tech that I’ve picked up that is collecting dust (C, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Java)

Technical interests to learn

  • Go
  • Kubernetes
  • Always steadily practing algorithm work
  • Looking to build non-trivial projects such as an emulator or a compilier

Current personal project

Learning some UI design concepts. I’m using Figma as a tool to create a custom blog post site with a distinct look and feel.

What I fear

Questions like these. To be honest, growing older. I’m missing something with each day that my youth passes. I haven’t come to appreciate the wisdom that comes with aging.

Favorite quote

I’m tired of these mother lovin’ snakes on this Monday to Friday plane. -FBI Agent Neville Flynn (Portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson)

How I eat fries

Follow me. Let’s start with length. All the fries are of average human finger length. No. Small. Fries. Crispy regular potato. Fresh from hot coconut oil. A handul of fries served in a porcelain bowl on top of a dish garnished with a clean dab of ketchup. A smaller bowl of Heinz Ketchup served as well on the side. No bottle on the table. I want an ad free experience. The fries are consumed in a moderate climate of 70 degrees. There is little to no humidity, slight breeze and a pink-hued sunset. Fin.

Sun, moon and rising signs

Gemini sun, Cancer Moon, Aquarius Rising