Amber Furbush

View on Customer Support

Preferred learning style


Communication style

direct, honest, approachable, friendly

Collaboration style

observer, open to ideas, selfless

Approach to problems

make sure I understand what the customer is really asking me. Make sure I probe and get all the necessary details that I need, if I cannot figure it out on my own then i ask for help.

Preferred way to be recognized

however the person chooses, it is just nice to be recognized

What I enjoy at work

getting to know our product, getting to know my team and manager, working with others and just helping people

Thoughts on asking for help

asking for help needs to feel easy

Preferred time to work

when my mind is clear

Feelings to receiving messages outside work hours

always welcomed

How to show up when I’m feeling off

I have to remember there are two rules for living in harmony. #1) Don’t sweat the small stuff and #2) It’s all small Then relax.. smile..laugh and repeat!

Things that make me anxious

when am not on time or close to being late

Technical areas of knowledge

I dabble in the follwing areas:

  • SQL
  • Relational Databases
  • data loading
  • SIP protocols
  • dailing Rules
  • AWS
  • VMware

Technical interests to learn

  • docker
  • kubernetes
  • cloud
  • better migration troubleshooting

Current personal project


What I fear

Not exceeding expectations

Favorite quote

Better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie

How I eat fries

They need to be crispy and hot no matter what kind. Personally, I prefer to eat fries with a side of garlic aioli. However, I can settle for ketchup :(

Sun, moon and rising signs

I just know am a Pisces, we get alonq with everyone :)