Individual view on customer service/support

Gotta be honest. Gotta be open. Gotta be kind. Enjoy the problem. Enjoy the solution.

Preferred learning styles

I’m an aural learner, for the most part. I retain a lot of information when it comes in the form of lectures, documentaries or podcasts. Secondary style would be kinesthetic. Learning by doing has always been effective for me.

Communication style

Everyone is different so I try and stay attuned to those differences, but more importantly, I relish them. When there are problems, be hard on the problem, and soft on the person. The opposite approach gets you nowhere.

Preferred way to collaborate

Brainstorming for high level understanding, goal setting, and alignment followed by deep work on an individual level so that ideas can be properly fleshed out. Coming back together for peer review. Rinse, repeat.

How you approach problems

I like to dive headfirst into a problem and not worry too much about what I don’t understand right away. Once I have a high-level overview of the issue, I get into the nitty gritty.

Preferred way to be recognized/appreciated

I’m a words-of-affirmation, slap-on-the-back kind of dude. I’m basically a dog.

Thoughts/feelings/preferences when it comes to asking for help

I would mark this as a weakness. I typically don’t like to ask for help because I learn the most when I’m searching for a solution. However, I’ve learned that sometimes asking for help is better for the people you’re working with, so I’m trying to get better at it.

What you find enjoyable at work

Writing/reading/exploring code.

What kind of work do you find easiest to do when (for example, some folks write best at night or can focus more easily in the afternoon)

I write best and solve problems EARLY in the morning. Administrative tasks are easier for me in the afternoon when my brain is tired.

How do you feel about getting messages after/outside of hours that are meant for you to see and respond to during active hours

I have no problem with it at all. My notifications are off when I’m not working anyways.

Things you are aware of that trigger anxious feelings/feelings of less than at work

Receiving negative feedback in a private space is fine with me, and welcome, but receiving negative feedback in a public space triggers a stress reaction/defense mechanism.

Technical areas of knowledge

  • Proficient
    • JavaScript (express, node, react)
    • TypeScript
    • Python
    • Golang
    • Mongo DB
    • PostgreSQL
    • GraphQL
    • Terraform

Technical areas of interest to learn

Golang, TypeScript, Kubernetes, Security

Current personal project

Building out the infrastructure for a service that allows touring musicians and their teams to better manage life on the road.

Something you fear

I’m a big boy so extremely tight spaces are not fun.

A quote you like

“You always update your goals right before you reach them. Stop it.”

  • My friend Aaron.

How you eat fries (with or without ketchup (ketchup on the fries or on the side), etc)

If they’re good fries I like ‘em dry. Just salty potato goodness. If they’re crappy fries, ketchup.

Your sun, moon, and rising signs

Sun: Aquarius Moon: Gemini Rising: Cancer