Jon Galindo

View on customer support

We all have those experiences where we felt like we got world-class help with something important to us. Technology is amazing when it works and frustrating when it doesn’t. Feeling confident that when it doesn’t operate as expected, we can get the help needed to move forward is game-changing for customers.

Preferred learning style

I prefer hands-on learning and mentorship. The best scenarios are when I am able to pair hands-on learning with an effective mentor who can add additional insights or simply be a sound board to bounce ideas off of.

Communication style

Transparency and openess is huge for me. Ambiguity, when it’s not necessary, only opens the doors for misundersatnding, assumptions, and gossip.

Collaboration style

Like my preferred learnign style, I like to connect over Zoom and walk through things where all contributors can see what we’re working on. As much ambiguity we can eliminate sooner, the better.

Approach to problems

I like to break complex problems into their simplest components and work through them individually until I find the solution. If that doesn’t work, I usually have an varied threshold of time and effort that, once it’s crossed, I always ask for help and have another pair of eyes look at it with me.

Preferred way to be recognized

A simple message of gratitude usualy does the trick.

What I enjoy at work

I enjoy the “ah-ha” moments. I love working on a challenging problem and finally hitting that moment when everything becomes clear. That is not to be mistaken with moments when you spend two hours looking at why your code doesn’t work, only to find a missing comma. This doesn’t produce the same results.

Thoughts on asking for help

Learning when to ask for help has been the biggest game changer in my life and career. We will all need help at some point, so learning when and how to do that effectively is crucial. Do your own digging and struggling first, then ask for help when needed.

Preferred time to work

I have a young family, which often makes my preferred work times dependent on the family’s needs. Daytimes, late nights, and between drop-off/pick-up for school/sports work fine for me.

Feelings to receiving messages outside work hours

I’m not against it. We live and work in a dynamic, hyperconnected world that sometimes leads to scenarios where after hours communication needs to happen. No biggie. That being said, I’m not always able to respond immediately, but I try to make myself available as often as I can. I’m also open to building friendships and chatting at anytime.

How to show up when I’m feeling off

If I’m a bit off, a DM check-in is always welcome.

Things that make me anxious

Being in a room with 3 or more kids running around screaming, even if they’re my own.

Technical areas of knowledge

  • Python
  • CI/CD
  • Site Reliabilty Engineering

Technical interests to learn

Learning tech can sometimes be daunting, so I tend to focus on what I think might be helpful to better my ability to contribute to my role. I am currently expanding my knowledge on docker/kubernetes because it’s both useful and I find it interesting tech.

Current personal project

Raising my kids to be happy and healthy adults. Does this count?

What I fear

I’m not a huge fan of severe weather, tornadoes for example.

Favorite quote

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” - Abraham Lincoln

How I eat fries

First off, as often as I can. Plain or with ketchup on the side, depending on my mood.

Sun, moon, and rising signs

If I’m honest, I have no idea.