Michael Bali

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View on Customer Support

I am of the opinion that for any product to thrive and gain the confidence of the customers, there as to be a world-class and effective support system in place to attend to the needs of customers before and after sales most especially. I believe customer support should be a blend of empathy, thoughtfulness and a well rounded knowledge of the product so as to get issues resolved in a timely and professional manner.

Preferred learning style

I have observed that I learn best with the aid of audios,visuals and hands-on practice. Having to read when the others are not available is like a last option for me.

Communication style

I think I prefer 1:1 syncs on Zoom because its a faster mode of communication than having to type. Tho, I understand that we all have different schedules so slack also works.

Collaboration style

I am inclined towards zoom calls as well because we get to see things as it is instead of having to paint a mental picture of what the chat is all about. On zoom you can easily share ideas and test them live..It’s fast and convinient.

Approach to problems

I try to understand what the issue is, by building as much context as i can around the problem. This would help me have a better scope of the problem and know what to search for and where to begin my search. I try to check to see if its an issue that has happened in the past, If I get lucky I try to see how its implementable in my case. Otherwise, I seek for help. In the process I itemize what I know & my guesses just to show the work I have done on my part before asking for help.

Preferred way to be recognized

I am opened to any form, what’s important for me is for my efforts and impact to be genuinely recognized however the individual or company see fit.

What I enjoy at work

The learning that comes with my job of fixing things and making customers happy. Working with an amzing set of people, My manager who’s leadership skills are excellent and teammates who are amazingly smart and professional!

Thoughts on asking for help

I ask for help when I have exhausted all options at my disposal and when I realise I have a knowledge gap in that particular situation/issue/topic.

Preferred time to work

I used to enjoy working at midnights but of late I find myself very productive in the early hours of the morning. Probably because I am trying to develop proper sleeping habits

Feelings to receiving messages outside work hours

I am cool, if its something I can easily respond to I would, if its something that requires me to get to my system, it would have to wait till my working hours. Currently working on finding a balance between work and personal life and I am very intentional about this.

How to show up when I’m feeling off

Reach out if you notice anything off, I find it really heart-warming if any one notices this and I dont take it for granted, preferable a DM.

Things that make me anxious

  • Situations I have no control over, especially one that I don’t know how its goina end.

  • Public Speaking

Technical areas of knowledge

  • Python
  • Azure
  • Docker
  • Web Scrapping
  • Data Analysis

Technical interests to learn

  • Go
  • LSIF
  • kubernetes
  • linux

Current personal project

None, Just want to play around sourcegraph and understand the product better.

What I fear

  • Putting me on the spot and not being able to meet expectations.

  • Being left beyind and not being busy enough as I think I should.

  • Heights (but I still wanna skydive!)

  • Tight spaces

Favorite quote

I am in no competition with anybody, the sky is wide enough for everyone to fly, the only competition I have is with MYSELF - Michael Bali

How I eat fries

Crispy and I prefer fried stew to ketup.

Sun, moon and rising signs

Pisces, Capricorn and Sagittarius Ascendant (Atleast that’s what the internet says 🤔)