Morgan Gautho

Individual view on customer service/support:

A customer’s perception of an overall product/experience is all going to boil down to support. Did they feel understood/listened to/cared for? Our job is to make sure the answer is Yes.

Preferred learning styles:

Generally I prefer to learn by doing, less upfront instruction and more small, bite-sized tasks. I will always prefer digging into something myself over watching a video.

Communication style:

I respond well to transparency and generally prefer to err on the side of over-communication, especially when learning and working out a problem. The more details, the better!

Preferred way to collaborate:

I enjoy collaborating in groups or 1:1. I like Zoom or Slack, but prefer Zoom if it’s a topic that requries any back and forth or time sensitive answers.

How you approach problems:

I usually like to define the problem, and then trace a thread from the problem, working backwards, until I can find a solution. If I’m not sure where to start, I like to start from a place I know and follow the same process, even if I am traversing areas that have nothing to do with the issue. If I get stuck at any point, I will ask for help and turn to other resources.

Preferred way to be recognized/appreciated:

A quick note or message goes a long way!

Thoughts/feelings/preferences when it comes to asking for help:

I like to attempt things on my own before asking for help, but once I have a grasp of what needs to be done/what I need help with, I will ask for help to make sure I’m on the right track.

What you find enjoyable at work:

I love working with people and resolving issues. Whether that be among co-workers or customers, being able to clarify something or solve a problem for a person is always satisfying!

What kind of work do you find easiest to do when (for example, some folks write best at night or can focus more easily in the afternoon):

I find it easiest to do admin-type work in the mornings, and more involved work at night.

How do you feel about getting messages after/outside of hours that are meant for you to see and respond to during active hours:

I don’t mind! I’ll get to it when I can, and if it’s more urgent than that, feel free to let me know and (if I’m able) I’ll try to resolve ASAP.

How folks can best show up for us when we seem off (give space, ask if work is the right place for us to be today, etc):

If I seem off, please let me know! I usually know myself well enough to know if I need to take action based on what I’m feeling, but if it’s impacting my work or the people around me, it doesn’t hurt to remind me to re-evaluate.

Things you are aware of that trigger anxious feelings/feelings of less than at work:

If I feel like I’m not making any progress on a certain issue, or not meeting deadlines.

Areas of knowledge:

Fullstack development

Areas of interest to learn:

More docker and kubernetes, Go

Current personal project:

VERY slow-going - but working on a project to “edit” song lyrics, so you could type in different lyrics and then use transfer learning to mimic the style of the song, and re-insert the new lyrics.

Something you fear:

Running into a bear or shark (I spend a lot of time in the ocean and in Tahoe)

A quote you like:

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” John Lennon

How you eat fries (with or without ketchup (ketchup on the fries or on the side), etc):

Big fan of all fries - the crispier the better and sauces on the side or dipped in a milkshake.

Your sun, moon, and rising signs (if you are into this kind of thing):

I’m born on the Virgo-Leo cusp, but technically Leo sun (with a lot of Virgo tendencies), Pisces Moon, Cancer rising.