Shawnteé Harris

View on customer support

Support is essential to the healthiness and happiness of clients. A healthy and happy support team is one of the best ways to keep clients happy and successful.

Preferred learning style

I like to take time to watch videos and read about the task, before taking a hands-on approach.

Communication style

Video calls, context is important to me. I appreciate verbal communication as well as body language. I am okay with communicating thru Slack as well.

Collaboration style

I work best in a group or one on one where ideas can be discussed with flexiable mindsets

Approach to problems

I like to do as much as research as possible to solve the problem on my own. If I cannot solve a problem on my own I will communicate with a teammate that enjoys working with others.

Preferred way to be recognized

No preferred way, but I do appreciate recognition when it’s sincere.

What I enjoy at work

Personal development to ensure I am growing to be better for myself and the team. Also, I love working with different types of people and creating new relationships

Thoughts on asking for help

I don’t enjoy asking for help, but I will if I have exhausted my time and resourses.

Preferred time to work

I like to get started early in the day, I find myself energized in the morning and ready to relax towards the end of my day.

Feelings to receiving messages outside work hours

I most likey will not respond until the next working day. I am actively working on my work/personal life balance.

How to show up when I’m feeling off

Be patient and a DM to check in is always appreciated.

Things that make me anxious

Unclear expectations, making mistakes, and asking for help.

Technical areas of knowledge

I am not super technical, but I do like to learn and I am open to having conversation that will broaden my technical horizens

Technical interests to learn

Continusly gaining knowldge about our product.

Current personal project

Redecorating and designing my home.

What I fear


Favorite quote

“It’s the job of old people to disapprove of everything young people do … If we don’t disapprove, then the young have nothing to fight against and the world will never change. It cannot move on.” - Author: Mark Mills

How I eat fries

I like shoestring fries with cajun seasoning and cheese sauce.

Sun, moon, and rising signs

Taurus sun, Libra moon, Gemini rising