Stompy “Stomzy” Mwendwa

Bio on team page

View on Customer Support

I believe that helping any human being with something they are having trouble with is the greatest form of service.

Helping humans professionally and being able to impact folks positively, is an honor in itself.

Preferred learning style

I’m a visual learner and prefer to ‘do’ as I follow along. This helps me retain information more and ask relevant questions.

Communication style

I am a huge fan of 1:1 syncs on Zoom but definitely don’t mind async through Slack.

Collaboration style

Collabs are best on a sync over Zoom.

Approach to problems

I prefer understanding context for a particular problem first and searching for similar or related issues and draw inspiration on how folks previously approached and solved them.

If it’s a unique problem, I prefer reproducing and finding a workaround with input from team members.

Preferred way to be recognized

Just a quick “thank you for…” DM works great!

What I enjoy at work

It’s such an amazing feeling to help a customer and solve their issue completely. It’s even better doing that with a team that is absolutely golden!

Thoughts on asking for help

I ask for help when I’m completely blocked and welcome those experiences because they help with continuous learning.

Preferred time to work

I’m a night owl.

Feelings to receiving messages outside work hours

Go right ahead! I’m super flexible and don’t mind waking up to catch up on anything I missed while I was asleep.

How to show up when I’m feeling off

A DM goes a long way. Always means the world to have someone show some care.

Things that make me anxious

  • When things don’t move as fast as I would like (which is ok)
  • When I feel like I’m not busy enough

Technical areas of knowledge

  • Docker and Docker Compose
  • Bash
  • Kubernetes
  • Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service

Technical interests to learn

  • Go
  • LSIF

Current personal project

My personal blog

What I fear

  • I got over my fear of snakes so now I fear nothing (i think).

Favorite quote

The highest human act is to inspire - Nipsey Hussle

How I eat fries

Ketchup on fries like it’s supposed to be.

Sun, moon and rising signs

I’m a Leo ascendant, a Libra moon and a Cancer