Technical Advisors (TA)

Who we are

Technical Advisors (TA) are specialized technical experts focused on our customers’ experience and relationships post-sales. We seek to deliver a consistent engagement experience to customers rooted in providing value to them such that they achieve their desired positive business outcomes within their business using our platform and products. We seek to reduce time to initial customer value by training and enabling our dev end users to use and integrate Sourcegraph into their workflows. We also strive to help our customers maximize their return on investment (ROI) and do so by continuously monitoring the health of our customers, becoming trusted advisors to them on all matters related to Sourcegraph and engineering, and building out the tools and processes internally to do this job as effectively as possible. We are responsible for ensuring that customers achieve their success metrics and continue to find new valuable use cases for Sourcegraph.

Our Team Purpose Statement

Becoming a trusted advisor to our customers to enable them to better solve their engineering challenges

Team KPIs / Measures of Success

We use the following metrics to gauge the effectiveness and success of our team:

  • Utilization (Adoption)
  • Consumption (Usage)
  • Retention
  • Value Realization

Utilization (Adoption)

We consider healthy adoption/utilization to comprise at least 80% consumption of purchased seats as measured by Monthly Active Users (MAU) / Total Licensed Seats. We aim to get to 80% consumption within the first 60 days of the engagement (after the production environment is established) and maintain at least 80% consumption at all times.

Consumption (Usage)

TAs seek to educate and enable customer devs to integrate Sourcegraph into their workflows so that they use it multiple times daily. Today, we calculate usage based on a 4-week average lookback of daily active users / last month’s monthly active users.


We strive to make customers for life by being trusted partners and advisors to make our customers successful. We measure ourselves to this premise by ensuring our customers choose us repeatedly.

Value Realization

TAs are invested in understanding our customer’s business objectives to best map how our platform and products can empower our customers to meet and beat these objectives. We constantly monitor how the value of our offering is realized against the customer’s business objectives.

Team Reference Resources

Team Culture

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How to Reach Us

This team can be engaged in the #discuss-technical-advisors channel or via the @technical-advisors user group in Slack.