Digital Technical Advisors

Who we are

Digital Technical Advisors (TA) are Sourcegraph experts focused on leading our customers to successful outcomes through a primarily digitally nurtured journey. We seek to deliver a consistent engagement experience to customers rooted in supporting and enabling them based on their unique usage and needs. We also strive to help our customers maximize their return on investment (ROI) by continuously monitoring the health of our customers and providing them with best practices and helpful tips and tricks to get the most of out Sourcgraph.

Team KPIs / Measures of Success

We use the following metrics to gauge the effectiveness and success of our team:

  • Utilization (Adoption)
  • Consumption (Usage)
  • Retention (Gross Retention)
  • Growth (Net Retention)

Utilization (Adoption)

We consider healthy adoption/utilization to comprise at least 80% consumption of purchased seats as measured by Monthly Active Users (MAU) / Total Licensed Seats. We aim to get to 50% consumption within the first 60 days of the engagement (after the production environment is established) and maintain at least 80% consumption at all times.

Consumption (Usage)

Today, we calculate usage based on a 4-week average lookback of daily active users / last month’s monthly active users. We consider healthy usage/consumption to be atleast 30%, that is at least 30% of users are using us at least once daily. TAs seek to educate and enable customer devs to integrate Sourcegraph into their workflows so that they use it multiple times daily.


We strive to make customers for life by being trusted partners and advisors to make our customers successful. We measure ourselves to this premise by ensuring our customers choose us repeatedly. Gross retention is a key metric for measuring our success.


As technical advisors we want to deeply know and understand our customers. It is through this lens of trust and understanding that we are able to strengthen our partnership and help our customers maturity and advance their capabilities. Net Retention is a key metric for measuring our ability to growth with our customers, unlocking more value and capabilities from Sourcegraph within in their teams.

Team Resources

How to Reach Us

This team can be engaged in the #discuss-scaled-success channel or via the @scaled-success user group in Slack.