Digital Success Program Overview

Our Digital Success program services our customers who do not qualify for a named, dedicated TA (managed) through a tech-nurtured approach based on their use of Sourcegraph by delivering tailored, consistent communication & enablement to meet their needs, support them, and ensure they have a positive experience.

We leverage Vitally to monitor all customers and send all communications through Vitally. We seek to align the Digital Success Customer Lifecycle to our overall customer journey as closely as possible.

An overview our current program across the customer lifecycle is depicted below: Customer Lifecycle - Digital Success

Lifecycle Stages

1. Customer Onboarding

The onboarding phase runs for 60 days from contract close. The goal is to get to 50% consumption of seats by the end of the first 60 days.

Note: Effective , Digital customers are required to be on the cloud, so besides potentially creating a new production instance as part of the hand-off, it is assumed that the production instance is provisioned as part of the hand-off process.

Customer onboarding consists of a series of email nurture campaigns to contacts based on the role mapping (step 7.4 above). A synchronous onboarding training can be requested in #discuss-scaled-success.

Admin onboarding

This email sequence is sent to anyone tagged as an Instance Admin on the account. These materials provide help tips to configuring and maintaining the production instance.

End user onboarding

Once we detect the first ping from an instance, an end-user onboarding email is sent to anyone tagged as a Program Contact on the account. These materials are intended to be shared with end users to help them onboard to Sourcegraph. We also offer the program contact an opportunity to respond and request help from our team.

Depending on what the customer has purchased, we have different sequences for Code Search only, Cody only, or Code Search and Cody.

Onboarding check-in

30 days into the partnership, a 30-day check-in and survey email is sent to the Program Contact, Instance Admin, and Champion of an account. Our goal with this check-in is to 1.) allow customers to provide feedback on their experience so far and 2.) request help from the TA team as desired.

2. Adopting

Customers enter the adoption phase after 60 days. Customers remain in the adoption phase until they reach 80% utilization (MAU / Seats) AND 30% usage (DAU / MAU) OR their renewal is within 120 days (at which point they enter the renewal lifecycle stage).

90-day check-in

90 days into the relationship, the customer Program Contact, Champion, and Instance Admin receive their first Usage Recap Email summarizing highlights in usage across their account. We also offer them an opportunity to meet with the team for anything they need.

Targeted Outreach

The Digital Success team consistently tracks customer usage across the customer journey. We focus on sending customized enablement resources based on individual usage and adoption, ensuring our customers receive tailored support for optimal platform utilization

Poor or Concerning Health

Where customer health is poor or concerning, specific email campaigns are sent to encourage enablement and use.

Advanced Enablement

When users begin to interact with a new feature for the first time, the Digital Success team is alerted and advanced use case materials are sent to the account to encourage enablement and use.

Customer Utilization Updates

We actively monitor customer utilization and adoption of features. Utilization posts, serving as alerts, are promptly shared in #alerts-customer-usage, keeping our teams informed and enabling them to respond effectively to customer needs and engagement.

3. Nurturing

Customers enter the nurture phase once they have reached 80% utilization (MAU / Seats) AND 30% usage (DAU / MAU) OR their renewal is within 120 days (at which point they enter the renewal lifecycle stage).

At this stage, we continue to monitor customer usage throughout, sharing targeted outreach and check-ins as needed.

4. Renewing

A customer enters the renewal lifecycle stage 120 days out from renewal. This process is currently facilitated primarily by the Account Executive today.

Recurring Touchpoints

The following recurring touchpoints are sent to customers automatically based on their start date.

Monthly Usage Recaps

After their first 90 days, the Program Contact, Champion, and Instance Admin are enrolled in our Monthly Usage Recap emails which are sent the first week following the close of the month. These emails summarize highlights in usage across their account.

Quarterly check-ins

Starting 90 days into the relationship, we also begin offering quarterly customer check-ins. We invite them to schedule time with the TA team to cover topics such as enablement & training asks, product roadmap overviews, product feedback sessions, or general check-ins.