Scaled TA Program Overview

The Scaled TA program inherits and reuses most of the digital nurture practices from the Digital Success team while running a streamlined version of the playbooks and processes of the Enterprise TA team. This hybrid approach allows the Scaled TA team to focus on our Mid-Market and Enterprise segments’ unique needs through a low-touch experience that relies heavily on automated tooling.

Lifecycle Stages

  1. Prospect
  2. Onboarding
  3. Adopting
  4. Nurturing
  5. Renewing


  • Trials are only for Cloud-hosted instances. Free or paid.
  • Production license creation and management: CE.
  • Production cloud instance creation: CE.
  • Account user/role mapping: CE.
  • CE to TA handoff: CE driven.
  • AE introduces the customer to the Technical Advisory team.


Partnership kickoff

A 30-minute call with the customer Stakeholders, Admin and Program Manager with the following agenda:

  • Reconfirm the customer’s business goals and value drivers.
  • Review contract terms and features.
  • Confirm and map customer contacts (admins, program owners, stakeholders).
  • Digital end-user onboarding program.
  • Success metrics & engagement cadence.

Digital campaigns

  • Run for 60 days from contract close.
  • Scaled customers are required to be on the cloud. The production instance is assumed to be provisioned as part of the handoff process.
  • Customer onboarding consists of digitally nurtured email campaigns to customer contacts.

Admin onboarding

  • This email sequence is sent to anyone tagged as an Instance Admin on the account.
  • These materials provide help tips for configuring and maintaining the production instance.

End user onboarding

  • Once we collect the first ping from an instance, an end-user onboarding email is sent to anyone tagged as a Program Contact on the account.
  • These materials are intended to be shared with end users to help them onboard to Sourcegraph.
  • We also offer the program contact an opportunity to respond and request help from our team.
  • Depending on the contract entitlements, we have different sequences for Code Search only, Cody only, or Code Search and Cody.

Onboarding check-in

A 30-day check-in and survey email is sent to the Program Contact, Instance Admin, and Champion of an account. Our goal with this check-in is to:

  1. Allow customers to provide feedback on their experience.
  2. Request help from the TA team as desired.


  • Customers enter the adoption phase after 60 days.
  • Customers remain in the adoption before they surpass 80% utilization (MAU/Seats) AND 30% usage (DAU/MAU).
  • The Scaled team will sync twice yearly with the customer using a mutual Account Success Plan (ASP) to ensure the customer is on track to meet their business goals.
  • We’ll send new product features and beta program announcements to keep our customers up-to-date.
  • Conduct product roadmap reviews and product feedback sessions with customers twice a year.

Digital campaigns

  • 90-day check-in:
    • 90 days into the relationship, the customer Program Contact, Champion, and Instance Admin receive their first Usage Recap Email summarizing highlights in usage across their account.
    • We offer Scaled TA team call availability for 30-minute calls to address questions and any outstanding issues.
  • Targeted Outreach:
    • The Scaled team consistently tracks customer usage across the customer journey.
    • We send customized enablement resources based on individual usage and adoption, ensuring our customers receive tailored support for optimal platform utilization.
  • Poor or concerning health:
    • When customer health is poor or concerning, specific email campaigns are sent to encourage enablement and use.


  • Customers enter the nurture phase once they have surpassed 80% utilization (MAU/Seats) AND 30% usage (DAU/MAU).
  • The Scaled TA team will constantly monitor usage and adoption metrics to spot and flag opportunities to offer additional product features to customers.
  • We will work with our commercial teams to capture and map customer use cases to product features biannually.
  • The Scaled team will work with our customer stakeholders to plan and work on a Customer Business Review (CBR) to jointly capture the value realized with our platform for the scoped dev use cases.

Digital campaigns

Advanced enablement: When users interact with a new feature for the first time, the Scaled team is alerted, and advanced use case materials are sent to the customer to encourage enablement and use.


  • A customer enters the Renewing lifecycle stage 120 days before renewal.
  • This process is currently facilitated primarily by the Account Executive.
  • The Scaled team will conduct a Renewal Health Assessment to scope the priorities and activities that will be executed 120 leading to the renewal.
  • If any risk is identified, accounts will enter the Lighthouse Program.
  • The Scaled team will be available to jump on customer sync calls as needed.