TA Team Norms

Customer Segmentation

We segment our customers into five discrete tiers. This segmentation is important in helping provide a consistent experience to our customers by defining the discrete activities that we want to deliver to every customer in a given tier. Using both estimated number of developers and real ARR in our tiers ensures that customers have the proper resources attached to make them successful at scale while also letting us ensure the health of our own business.

Success Automation

Customers who do not qualify into our traditional tier system will be served by our Success Automation function. This tier includes:

  • Monthly recap emails with product and feature updates
  • Internal monitoring of usage with prescribed suggestions.
  • Ad-hoc monthly use case based working sessions.
  • Renewal process support with the Account Executive.



We use Vitally stay organized internally around our customers. Your account should be able to look at just your book of business or the entire customer base.


As the Sales system of record, we use Salesforce (and the data we bring into Vitally from Salesforce) as the source of contractual information such as revenue, licensing, and renewal & expansion opportunities.


Looker is our product analytics tool that allows for deep inspection and analysis around customer utilization and consumption. While a subset of this information is synced into Vitally a lot of data lives in Looker.

Recurring Team Meetings

This team is highly focused on engaging our customers with valuable insight and information. We also are focused on internally surfacing customer information that is important to the business. This means both synchronous customer conversations throughout the day along with synchronous and asynchronous Sourcegraph processes.

Team meetings are held weekly.

OOO Protocols

Prior to taking time off, TAs should:

  1. Log time off request in Roots PTO
  2. Work with their manager to create a coverage plan
  3. Notify their customers through the appropriate channel of their upcoming OOO
  4. Update their slack status accordingly with OOO dates indicated