Cloud Software-as-a-Service Team


TBA. More can be found in our Cloud Vision

Areas of Ownership

The cloud SaaS team at Sourcegraph owns anything associated with our goal of building a cloud-hosted version of Sourcegraph. This includes but is not limited to authentication and authorization on cloud, licensing and tier enforcement on cloud, cloud core platform, and more. This team works closely with our DevOps and Security teams to ensure Sourcegraph cloud is as secure and stable as possible.


How to contact the team and ask for help

  • For cloud users with urgent help requests reach out to our support team at [email protected].
  • For internal Sourcegraph teammates, join us in #cloud-saas to ask questions or request help from our team.
  • For cloud users with feature requests, please reach out to our product manager, Ryan, at [email protected] and include “Cloud Feature Request:” in your subject line.



Team Operating Procedure

Working Principles



The team is currently experimenting with JIRA as our project tracker.

To track GitHub PRs automatically in JIRA, use the JIRA ticket number anywhere in the branch name. So for example, if the ticket number is COREAPP-42 and you name your branch the-answer-to-everything-COREAPP-42, the resulting PR from this branch will automatically be associated with the JIRA ticket.