Security team

Shielding Sourcegraph from attackers

We think that security is an enabler for the business. Sourcegraph is committed to proactive security, and addressing vulnerabilities in a timely manner. We approach security with a can-do philosophy, and look to achieve product goals while maintaining a positive posture, and increasing our security stance over time.



Goals and priorities

See security goals and priorities



How to work with us

Security Questionnaires

We’re always happy for teams to request security code reviews.

Security questionnaires for new and existing customers should follow the process here - feel free to message us on #security too.

Questions and Support Requests

Security questions and support requests should be raised in #security:

  1. Click the lightning bolt below the Slack message box in #security
  2. Select an option at the top of the menu
  3. Fill out the questions
  4. Tag @security-support in the resulting thread if urgent

Reach out to us on #security if you have any doubts, or for any reason feel like our process can’t work for you in a particular case.

How we work

Read about our methodology and process.