Search teams

Two engineering teams at Sourcegraph are focused solely on search:

Together, they own the end-to-end Sourcegraph search experience.

Search goals and priorities

See goals and priorities for the core and product teams.


Sourcegraph search is:

  • Fast: Performance of showing results is fast and I can get to what I’m looking for quickly.
  • Scalable: Sourcegraph scales to any private codebase and the size of the open-source universe. Users can trust that the result set is drawn from the entire set of code they care about, and if the result isn’t found, it doesn’t exist.
  • Expressive: It is possible to construct a search query to find exactly the results I’m looking for. The tools, syntax, filters, are provided to construct the queries I want to write. We strive for a search experience where the answer to “Can I do ‘X’ with Sourcegraph?” will always be yes.
  • Easy to use: Users can quickly understand how to find what they are looking for and what options are available for searching. The search syntax is clear and intuitive.
  • Shareable: Sourcegraph searches are easy to share, and provide team and organization wide value. This in turn creates network effects that compound the value Sourcegraph provides with scale.


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