Repo Management team

The Repo Management team is part of the Enablement org.


Our mission is to maintain and evolve the methods by which code is pulled into Sourcegraph from code hosts, in a way that supports all required functionality while maximizing performance, reliability, and ease of use.

We also have temporary custody of Authentication, with the aspiration being to split the team to give auth a dedicated team to own it.



Find out about the Repo Management team’s vision, guiding principles, current status quo, and strategic plans


Code host / repository management

Including maintainance, development, support and advice for:

  • Code host connections
  • Code replication into Sourcegraph
  • Code storage within Sourcegraph
  • Repository permission syncing
  • Permission caching
  • Explicit permissions API


Temporary custody of authentication, efforts largely limited to support and maintenance


For information on how to contact us for support, or how we handle support, please see our processes.

Growth plan


Tech stack



We inherit Sourcegraph’s engineering principles and practices and Enablement org’s principles and practices.

We also have a set of guiding principles that help inform our decision making about our strategic and prioritization choices.


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