Submitting an invoice (teammates based outside of US)

How to Create an Invoice:

Invoice Template

How to Calculate the Invoice Amount

  • Invoices should be submitted in the currency used in your contract (and USD by default), if expenses were purchased in a different currency, please use this currency converter: and use the date of transaction. (Do not use the Veem currency converter.)
  • Your monthly invoice amount depends on whether you work a full month or a partial month.
    • Full month: to find your monthly invoice amount, refer to your contract, which should state the monthly rate (or take your annual pay and divide it by 12 to arrive at the monthly amount). Most months are full months, including when you take PTO or when there are holidays.
    • Partial month: use the formula below to prorate partial months. Partial months happen, for example, if your contract starts in the middle of a month.
      • Divide your full month invoice amount by 173.33 hours (average hours worked per month based on 40 hour weeks for 52 weeks, according to IRS).
      • Multiply by the number of hours you worked in the pay period.
      • Example: If you get paid $6000 per month and worked 5 days (40 hours): 6000 / 173.33 = 34.62 x 40 = $1384.8

Non-Salary Invoice Line Items:

  • Include any fringe benefits on your invoice as individual line items as well (mobile phone, internet, wellness benefits, etc.).
    • Please note teammates are entitled to entire monthly benefit amount for mobile phone ($75), internet ($50), wellness ($100)
  • For teammates who receive commissions (i.e. sales/CE teammates), please also include commissions as an individual line item. The amounts will be communicated to you prior to the end of the month via the sales operations manager (for sales teammates) and finance manager (for CE teammates).
  • If additional expenses are incurred that month (i.e. home desk setup, co-working/office space), please provide a separate invoice and attach all expense receipts to the same email.
  • When purchasing a laptop which requires taxes and shipping costs greater than $1,500, please notify the People Team and Finance with a description of the costs and choose the best method of purchase and shipment in accordance with our philosophy in spending company money).

How to Submit an Invoice:

  • All invoices should be sent via email to our accounting team,, with copied on all emails. All invoices will be paid through Veem. You should have received an invite to your personal email for a Veem account as part of onboarding.
  • Please note: You do not need to submit an invoice via Veem.

Invoice Submission Timing

  • A number of teammates are on a contracting structure and will need to submit an invoice once a month for payment.
  • Submit monthly invoices as early as the 28th of the current month so that payments can be issued by the 5th of the next month.

Teammates with PEOs

  • The PEO will pay these teammates directly in their local currency via direct deposit and in accordance with local employment laws. As such, no invoice is required.