Community Relations

At Sourcegraph, our mission is to make it so everyone can code. The community relations team supports our mission by implementing community outreach programs, organizing events, and supporting our community’s contributions to Sourcegraph. The team’s ultimate goal is to contribute to understanding and smooth collaboration within our community. We also support the Developer Education team to increase technical literacy.

Our team runs:

Developer Evangelism

Spread the Sourcegraph message and increase the product’s adoption rate within the developer ecosystem.

Open Source Programs

Sustaining and giving back to the open source community, and encouraging open source contributions.

Events and Conferences

Playing an active role in broadening our reach in the community, building authentic relationships, mindsharing and planting seeds to foster healthy conversations and connections with the community.



Chat with us in the #community-relations Slack channel, or by tagging @community.
Email us at [email protected].

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Community calendars

Sourcegraph events and sponsorships

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