What are “personas”?

A persona is a set of people who share common problems and other traits. Instead of writing a blog post for a single specific person, or building a feature for a single specific person, we target broad sets of people (“personas”). For general information about personas, see ”Personas for Product Management“.

Why are personas important?

It is crucial that as a customer-centric growing startup, we always keep our target audiences in mind, across all activities in the company. No matter the role, each of us are designing for, building for, huddling around, and ineracting with our personas and as such, it is important that we are all aligned in our understanding of the key charactericits, pain points, and motivations of the people we are trying our best to delight.

How can I learn more about Sourcegraph’s personas?

We define our core personas in this deck. We invite you to watch this itroductory recording about our core personas that is an important resource for every Sourcegraph team member. These resources outline the personas as well as the ways you can further enrich our understanding of them, and we look forward to hearing your insights and integrate them into the assets.