Compensation change approvals

If you want to…Your managementPeopleTalentFinanceNotes
Give someone a promotion (and raise their compensation at the same time)ApprovalApproval (to ensure leveling criteria have been used)Notify (if your hiring plans change)Fill out the changes to role and compensation form
Bring someone’s compensation in line with their bandNotify (approval only required in special circumstances)NotifyFill out the changes to role and compensation form
Give someone a spot bonusApprovalApprovalNotify
Change your team compensation bandsApproval (VP-level approval required)NotifyNotifyApprovalChange proposals should come with clear justification in the form of:
- Evidence of market changes
- Evidence of multiple lost candidates due to compensation or multiple new hires coming in with special compensation levels
Give an offer or promotion with compensation outside of band

(including one-time hiring bonuses, unique commission plans, draws, and similar)
Approval (VP-level approval required)ApprovalNotifyThis should be extremely rare, in keeping with our compensation philosophy. More often, if a candidate requires this, it’s likely an issue with our bands needing updates or misleveling of a candidate.