Product at Sourcegraph consists of product management, product design, and technical writing. Each of these links will take you to a page with information on how that team works internally; this page contains information that is relevant to the whole company.

The Product team strives to make the following true:

  • The team is working on the most important things (listed in the product roadmap) to execute on our strategy.
  • Each teammate has the customer and product context needed (about customer problems, likely future priorities, possible solutions, etc.) to perform their work effectively.
  • The product vision and roadmap are communicated well to teammates and everyone outside Sourcegraph.


You can reach us at the #product channel or @product-team on Slack. If you have ideas you want to pass on to the product team, check out the surfacing product feedback page.


The product strategy for the company as well as individual teams can be found on the Sourcegraph strategy page, and contains where we’re headed as well as what we’re working on next. There is also an (internal only) roadmap presentation available.


Product team initiatives

Occasionally the product team takes on special initiatives that are not strictly tied to product delivery. Those are tracked here.

Product led metrics refinement

In an effort to gain more clarity around product success and growth on Cloud, we aim to iterate and decide on the current Sourcegraph user metric definitions for On Premise. Targeting to have the new definition in place in .

✅ Improve process for documenting product strategy (DONE)

Our current product goals pages are not always up to date so can’t be relied upon by the rest of the organization. They are also mixed in with other engineering team content so it can be hard to find the product strategy components. We need to update and organize these pages, and then want to improve this process so that the goals pages are the always updated source of truth.

Public facing roadmap

We are missing a single source of truth for what is currently on the roadmap. Our customers as well as Sales, Customer Engineering, Customer Support, and Marketing all need to know what is on the roadmap. Today we use several methods to track our roadmap making any one source unreliable. The end goal is to have a single source of truth that is referenced as needed.

Defining our product maturity

Customer Engineering is looking to better undrestand the known boundaries of our product to effectively interact with prospetive customers. As a product team we are pulling together information of existing customer scale. This information combined with our product knowledge will help us proactively set expectations.

✅ Improving how we communicate pre-release features (DONE)

We are working with the marketing and corporate communication teams to make sure that how we talk about features is clear leading up to release, especially when they are available early, and how we communicate when they become fully live.

Other initiatives

There are a few other initiatives we will be tracking here soon:

  • CE / Product communication and prioritization improvements on feedback
  • Experimentation and improvements to planning
  • Consolidation and simplification of tooling

In the meantime, we are using a tracking document for these.

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