This page contains information that is mostly interesting to members of the Repo Management team.

Rhythm of the Team

Document things we do as a team to engage with each other, deliver more effectively, and grow together


The following are mechanisms we use to stay in sync. We favor asynchoronous mechanisms whenever possible to respect the working hours of teammates.

  1. [Meeting] Bi-weekly Planning and Retro: Every two weeks we plan our upcoming work in our Kanban board.
  2. [Meeting] Bi-weekly Sync: We meet to discuss what everyone is working on, high priority issues that may have come through, blockers, and in-flight support.
  3. [Async] Monthly Status Update: Every month the EM sends a status update with all of the highlights, challenges, and news currently impacting the team. This drives alignment with leadership and celebrates our wins.
  4. [Async] Standup Update: Every morning, the geekbot Slack bot prompts a standup update. Every team member answers it (during their morning) and it automatically posts to the team Slack channel.


Our team’s onboarding documentation can be found here.

Technical Interest

Landing zone for team technical documentation (e.g. RFCs, videos, other handbook pages, etc)

  1. Life of a repository
  2. Sourcegraph Architecture overview
  3. Sub-repo permissions RFC
  4. Hexagonal Architecture for Repo Management