The product team at Sourcegraph consists of product management, product design, and technical writing.

The Product team strives to make the following true:

  • The team is working on the most important things to execute on our strategy, and that this is communicated well to teammates and everyone outside of sourcegraph.
  • Each teammate has the customer and product context needed (about customer problems, likely future priorities, possible solutions, etc.) to perform their work effectively.


You can reach us at the #product channel or @product-team on Slack. If you have ideas you want to pass on to the product team, check out the surfacing product feedback page.

Roadmap & Strategy

Product team

Feature matrices


Product team initiatives

Occasionally the product team takes on special initiatives that are not strictly tied to product delivery. Those are tracked here.

Product led metrics refinement

In an effort to gain more clarity around product success and growth on Cloud, we aim to iterate and decide on the current Sourcegraph user metric definitions for On Premise. Targeting to have the new definition in place in .

Product management and Product design impact ladders

To help guide people within the product organization on career growth we are creating a clearly defined impact ladder.