Product/Engineering strategy

Our top-level company strategy for next year is a work-in-progress.

Sourcegraph is a product that developers love, and once we land inside an organization usage grows organically! To set us up to grow our business in we need to repeatably drive more users to the point where they are using Sourcegraph on their private code with their team. To achieve this outcome, we are going to pursue three strategic objectives in .

  • Accelerate and improve results of sales process
  • Expand the market for code search by providing clear value to new users and smaller customers
  • Become more data-driven

Large enterprises represent a significant revenue opportunity and our primary challenge is our ability to get these customers to successful deployment in a timely manner. We must drive efficiency in the proof-of-concept process, reduce time to final deployment, and deliver clear value to engineering leaders so they champion the adoption of Sourcegraph. The key customers we need to close this quarter are N1 because they are of strategic importance as brands and key to achieving our revenue goals this year.

New users, especially those working in smaller teams and codebases, struggle to understand the value of Sourcegraph and so they resist adopting it and sharing it with their team. To expand the market of developers who can’t live without good code search, we must introduce many more devs to Sourcegraph, reduce product friction, and perfect activating new users. Launching Sourcegraph Cloud for teams will allow us to start providing value to devs in smaller organizations today, and is an important step toward building a more efficient self-sustaining product-led growth motion in the future.

To scale our team, our business, and decision making processes, we need to become more data-driven in every part of the product and engineering development lifecycle. Teams and projects need clear goals and KPIs that are instrumented and reported on in a consistent format.

OKRs contains Product/Engineerings current OKRs.