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This is a suggested template that will evolve over time. Please feel free to use any format you wish as long as it captures the spirit of the sections laid out below.

This page is expected to be living / organic. As such, there is no expectation that this document is complete / fully flushed out at the start of each project. The cross-functional project DRI is expected to maintain and update this as appropriate.

This section should include the date of the group’s formation and the expected completiong date.

Project mission

This section should be a 1-2 paragraph summary of what the cross-functional project is and what it fundamentally hopes to achieve.

Some things to include:

  • What is the background / context / “the why” of this project?
  • What is the problem we are trying to solve?
  • At a high-level, what are we hoping to achieve?

Expected outcomes

This section should summarize and include supporting bullet points about the specific benefits our major stakeholders will realize after the successful completion of the cross-functional project.

Note: Not every cross-functional project will (or should) affect all three stakeholders. Don’t artificially map expected outcomes to stakeholders.

  • Customers

  • Sourcegraph

  • Teammates


This section should explain in more detail how this group expects to solve the problem / achieve expected outcomes for the 3 primary stakeholders. Specific workstreams, major milestones, and goals should be laid out here.

Success criteria

This section should answer the question, “What does great look like?” by detailing what metrics will be tracked and what the threshold for success are for those metrics.

This section should include any and all relevant links to handbookbook pages / google doc content / slack channels, etc.

Roles and responsibilities

This section should include the woprking group teammates, their roles within the working group, and their functional titels. This will make sure roles and responsibilities are clear and that others can quickly figure out who to contact to gain specific information regarding the cross-functional project.

WG RoleTeammateFunctional TitleDescription Responsibilities
DRITeammate XSr. Dir of XXX
Exec SponsorTeammate YVP of XXX
Functional LeadTeammate ZYYY of XXX
MemberYYY of XXX
MemberYYY of XXX