Sourcegraph 4.0 FAQ

Sourcegraph 4.0

What is Sourcegraph 4.0?

Sourcegraph 4.0 is an upcoming major release of Sourcegraph. Product inclusions for 4.0 can be found in the Release Post draft on GitHub.

When is Sourcegraph 4.0?

Sourcegraph 4.0 will be released on September 27, 2022, at the Starship launch event.

Engineering work on Sourcegraph 4.0 will end September 9, 2022.

How is marketing supporting the 4.0 launch?

Marketing will be running several promotional activities to support the launch:

  • Publishing the 4.0 Release Post.
  • Publishing several accompanying blog posts about our journey to 4.0.
  • Creating a highlight reel video of updates included in 4.0.
  • Hosting a livestream event on September 27.
  • Promoting across social media channels.
  • More activities to be defined.

Why 4.0 and not 3.44?

Sourcegraph 3.0 first released in February 2019. Since then, we have launched a number of significant products & features. To name just a few:

  • Code Insights
  • Batch Changes
  • Notebooks
  • Precise code navigation via LSIF & SCIP

Today’s Sourcegraph platform is far more advanced than the original Sourcegraph 3.0 product offering. Combined with the upcoming release in September, we believe it is time to release a new major version of Sourcegraph.

What is the theme of Sourcegraph 4.0?

The theme for 4.0 and the 4.0 launch event is the evolution of code search to becoming a code intelligence platform.


What is Sourcegraph Starship?

Starship is a launch event that is planned for September 27, 2022. It includes 2 major projects:

  1. Sourcegraph 4.0
  2. Completion of the “Make Cloud the preferred deployment method” cross-functional project

Where did the “Starship” branding come from?

“Star” refers to wildcard, Sourcegraph’s logo.

“Ship” refers to shipping code, which will happen at this (and future) Starship events.

Therefore, Starship is an event for shipping new Sourcegraph features.

Why are we using Starship branding?

We wanted to introduce new event-based branding for this launch moment. This sets the stage for more future events, which we aspire to create.

In the future, we believe Starship will become a regular, recurring launch event, with the potential to become a full user conference.

General FAQs

Where can I ask questions about Sourcegraph 4.0 and Starship?

Alex Isken is the DRI for this event, and can answer questions about Starship.

We also encourage questions and discussion around Sourcegraph 4.0 in respective public (non-internal or private) Slack channels: #engineering, #product, #sales, #marketing, etc.

I have an idea for Starship / 4.0! How can I contribute?

Let us know in Slack! Drop your ideas in their respective channels (e.g. #marketing). All ideas are welcome.

Where/when can I expect to hear updates about 4.0?

You can expect updates in the #announcements Slack channel on Mondays and Fridays. If you have questions, or feel that something needs to be addressed but hasn’t been in recent updates, please raise your concern in Slack.