CY19- OKRs

  1. CEO: Grow net new ARR consistently: reach $N net new ARR in , grow SWAUs at existing companies
    1. Sales: Update pricing model to enable higher value negotiations/contracts
    2. Sales: Reach at least $N net new ARR in Q3
    3. Sales: Line up the following pipeline for Q4 with at least 80% chance of closure:
      1. At least 3 Tier 1 Deals
      2. At least 10 Tier 2 & 3 Deals
    4. Sales: Nail the technical demo & opening elevator pitch that resonates at first intro
    5. Customer success: Implement a new, more scalable support system
      1. Evaluate software solutions and select and implement one
      2. Create clear system for triage and prioritization
      3. Define standard support terms (response and resolution times, in particular)
      4. Identify specific tools and/or processes to use to make support scalable (e.g., tiered support, searchable online knowledge bases, outsourcing, etc.)
    6. Customer success: Measure adherence
      1. Begin measuring adherence to support terms and achieve >50% on a weekly basis
    7. Customer success: Grow SWAUs at existing customers
      1. Begin capturing “code review” stage usage metrics.
      2. Grow non-”coding” SWAUs from existing customers by 500. Likely via browser extension usage at C1 or C2, or a general push to increase diff search or saved search usage.
    8. Product: Become data informed and more customer driven. Create one place to view, aggregate, and analyze all feedback. Increase incoming feedback from customers by 50%. => Productboard; Not done.
    9. Head of Eng: Ship high quality releases to our customers. Releases ship on time, customers not blocked from upgrading immediately. => 66% on time (3.7 was late), 66% “upgradability” (customers were blocked from upgrading to 3.7 for a while).
      1. Distribution: Critical customers advance in the sales pipeline. C3 experiences no instability issues, C4 has a POC instance with 40k+ repositories, high-priority customer issues are implemented within 1–2 iterations. => C3 experienced 1 major instability issue (503s) that was resolved, C4 is blocked on internal velocity, high-priority issues for other large customers were addressed
      2. Distribution: Standardize monitoring and observability for site admins. Prometheus/grafana running in all deploy contexts with out-of-the-box dashboards displayed in the UI. => Done: monitoring shipped in 3.8
      3. Distribution: Automate time-consuming tasks pertaining to release, ops, and technical support. Add debugging features to gather config and debug info from on-prem instances, create standard process for managing compute resources on GCP and AWS, Automate 75% of existing tests on release testing grid and no new manual tests on release testing grid. => Not done, not done (but did decrease compute cost by 50%), ~30% of release tests automated
      4. Core services: Ensure that Sourcegraph search scales to our largest customers. Symbols search can return results when searching across 80k repos, C3 can iterate through all results of a search without experiencing a timeout, C3 can use ACLs at their scale => not done, not done, not done
      5. Web app and integrations: Browser extensions work reliably on supported code hosts. No known issues that cause customers to uninstall or be unable to use our browser extension. => ???
  2. CEO: Build out the standard developer platform. Introduce code change management (campaigns) product, increase awareness of Sourcegraph and master plan, execute on product roadmap
    1. Head of Eng: Deliver product roadmap. Identify engineering owners for campaigns, all projects have a written RFC. => campaigns project team created, all projects have RFCs
      1. Search: Improve search experience for new users. Change default from regex to literal search, add search result type tabs. => literal search not done, search result type tabs done
      2. Code intel: Build precise code intelligence. Decide on LSIF backend, deploy LSIF code intel to one customer. => LSIF backend done, LSIF code intel at one customer not done
      3. Web app and integrations: Build campaigns. Ship monitoring existing campaigns milestone. => shipped RFC 20 as prototype and shipped RFC 28 in 3.9
      4. Core services: Build campaigns. Ship monitoring existing campaigns milestone. => shipped RFC 20 as prototype and shipped RFC 28 in 3.9
    2. Head of Eng: Grow the engineering team. Hire to plan (+2 distribution, +2 code intel, +2 core services, +2 web app, hire or grow +1 manager), train +1 engineer for each interview module, create script for “architecture overview” talk given to new hires. => 62.5% hiring (1/2 distribution, 1/2 code intel, 0/2 core services, 1/2 web, 2/1 manager), interview training/allocation done, architecture overview docs created.
    3. Product: Publish 6-month product roadmap. Create pitches or descriptive GitHub issues for each roadmap item. => Project roadmap and strategy; Every roadmap item was ambitious, we made good progress to having RFCs and issues for in progress and planned items.
    4. Product: Improve UX of Sourcegraph. Hire UX designer, validate search UI improvements with customers. => Job posting live; Qualitative signal from conversations, but no quantitative data validating customer opinion.
    5. Product: Improve feature discoverability. Grow SWAU for diff searches to M+. Better discoverability of the browser extension. Reduce malformed searches by 50% => SWAU for diff searches grew by 220%, but only reached 19% of M; Didn’t make it, have been thinking about how to solve this problem but won’t have anything done here; Literal search slipped into 3.9 (Oct 2019) and will not make it in .