CY19- OKRs

  1. CEO: Net new ARR
    1. Sales (Closing Deals): Reach $N net new ARR in by fully onboarding 2 new AEs who will close 4 Tier 1 deals (>=$100K ARR) and 11 non-Tier 1 deals.
      1. Sales (Closing Deals) KR: Get 70% of companies on a free trial to convert to paid customers.
    2. Sales (Deal Optimization): Scale our sales pipeline to 50+ deals per AE, of which 60% of deals are engaged and actively evaluating Sourcegraph.
      1. Sales (Deal Optimization) KR: Maintain company-wide HubSpot consistency to generate actionable reporting from data logged.
    3. Business (Marketing): Build the lead generation engine that will support 4–5x ARR growth in 2020.
      1. Business (Marketing) KR: Begin tracking and measuring each stage of the funnel and conversion across them.
      2. Business (Marketing) KR: Grow MQLs delivered to sales weekly by 3x.
      3. Business (Marketing) KR: Hire two additional full-time marketing or DevRel teammates (including one Online Marketer).
    4. Business (Customer Success): Build a Customer Success playbook that will achieve 16% net negative dollar retention in 2019- (note) and to put us on a path to continue to achieve net negative dollar retention through 2020.
      1. Business (Customer Success) KR: Test a set of new success efforts (e.g., live brown bag lunches, monthly webinars, increased communication of value delivered) to determine highest ROI efforts.
      2. Business (Customer Success) KR: Start these efforts with all Tier 1 customers.
      3. Business (Customer Success) KR: Hire or assign an owner to ensure they continue to happen.
    5. Product: Increase engagement with the product.
      1. Product KR: Increase SWAUs by 25% => Looker SWAU dashboard
      2. Product KR: Identify the top 3 reasons potential customers do not sign => Tracking in Looker dashboard, not getting much feedback from sales pipeline.
      3. Product KR: Open source projects in GitLab use for on-by-default code intelligence (without the browser extension) => Shipped for all open source projects, requires user opt-in. See announcement blogpost.
    6. VP Eng: Sourcegraph has world class reliability.
      1. VP Eng KR: 100% of monthly releases ship on time.
      2. VP Eng KR: No tier 1 or 2 customers are blocked from upgrading to a monthly release once it ships.
      3. Distribution: Automate time-consuming ops and support tasks.
        1. Distribution KR: Major/minor and patch releases take 1 hour (including general QA but excluding customer-specific testing).
        2. Distribution KR: All customer specific testing is complete within 2 business days of tagging any release.
      4. Distribution: Streamline technical blockers for tier-1 customers advancing toward general availability.
        1. Distribution KR: Address all rollout-blocking issues within 1 iteration of reporting.
        2. Distribution KR: Scale search and authz to C1 and C2 requirements by EOY.
  2. CEO: Standard developer platform
    1. VP Eng: Build a world class engineering team.
      1. VP Eng KR: Grow team to plan (+1 code intel, +1 distribution, +1 web app, 1+ core services, +1 manager distribution).
      2. VP Eng KR: Handoff of web and core services management responsibilities deemed a success by all involved parties.
      3. VP Eng KR: Track career goals for every engineer.
    2. VP Eng: Deliver the product roadmap.
      1. Distribution: Improve site admin experience.
        1. Distribution KR: Provide additional monitoring and debugging tools to site admins (#4260, #5547, #5706, #5531, #5369, #5769)
      2. Code intel: Deliver LSIF-based code intelligence.
        1. Code intel KR: Support LSIF-based code intel in targeted languages (Go, JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, Java, C#, and C/C++).
        2. Code intel KR: LSIF-powered code intel on for at least 1 public project per language.
      3. Campaigns: Release campaign tracking and creation.
        1. Campaigns KR: Implement RFC 42.
      4. Web: Make the power of search accessible to more users.
        1. Web KR: Eliminate errors caused by malformed search queries (e.g. literal search, autocomplete). => Literal search and autocomplete shipped.
        2. Web KR: Increase usage of filters (e.g. filter UI). => Improved filter UI (omni mode, filter highlighting in interactive mode) are expected to ship in .
      5. Web: Data driven decisions for search improvements.
        1. Web KR: Measure number/type of filters used for each search on customer instances.
        2. Web KR: Measure the number of searches that result in an error. => We expect to reach approved status on RFC 78
      6. Core services: Sourcegraph search scales to our largest customers.
        1. Core services KR: Symbol and text search returns in under 2s on instances with 80k repositories and configured ACLs for 1k active users. => Added horizontal scaling to zoekt and made Bitbucket ACLs APIs more efficient but not going to measure KR as written because customer E is no longer a priority.
        2. Core services KR: Sourcegraph can index any code independent of code host and version control system. => Achieved with src-expose but doesn’t support history and no customers using it yet.
        3. Core services KR: Admins know what percentage of repositories are available for search and when the instance will reach 100% availability. => This was de-prioritized in favor of campaigns.
    3. Product: Build a better product.
      1. Product KR: Hire a product manager and UX designer. => Actively seeking a UX designer and a Product manager.
      2. Product KR: Sourcegraph users provide feedback as they use the product over time. => NPS survey updated to go out every 60 days of use #7165, added product feedback survey to new help page #7169
      3. Product KR: Publish updated product roadmap for 2020 with RFCs and validated projects for 2020. => WIP.
  3. CEO: Aspirational team.
    1. CEO KR: Improve effectiveness of internal communications.
    2. CEO KR: Publicize our internal progress more.
    3. CEO KR: Make information default public.
    4. CEO: Become handbook-first so we can scale and communicate more effectively.
      1. CEO KR: Rebuild the handbook and keep it up-to-date.
    5. Business (Finance): Build the operating model that will guide hiring through H1 2020.
      1. Business (Finance) KR: Build both a comprehensive top-line + cost model with three scenarios that is approved by the Sourcegraph Board of Directors.
      2. Business (Finance) KR: Set hiring targets and budgets for each department for and 2020 to empower executive team to make decisions in the context of our financial position.
    6. VP Eng: Develop and evangelize a world class engineering culture.
      1. VP Eng KR: All questions about our engineering team and culture (e.g. from candidates or current teammates) can be answered by sending a link to our developer docs.
      2. VP Eng KR: 3 blog posts (not release announcements) authored by members of the eng team.
    7. Sales: Develop a Sales hiring plan and onboarding plan to be used for scaling the team in 2020, the latter with an +80 or higher NPS score from current AEs by EOQ.