These OKRs are for in fiscal year 2022, which runs from to .




Customer Engineering


These OKRs are based on our product/engineering strategy.

  1. OBJECTIVE: Accelerate and improve results of sales process

    • KR: N1 achieve stage 4 technical win
    • KR: N2 prospects have provisioned production-ready environments using an automated deployment solution in less than 1 week
    • KR: Achieve SOC2 Type1 compliance
    • KR: Generate N3 PQLs/week (N4x from baseline of N5/week)
  2. OBJECTIVE: Lay foundation for cloud product-led growth

    • KR: Win N6 cloud customer with sales engagement required for invoicing only
    • KR: N7 qualified companies in cloud pipeline (not via outbound) for close
    • KR: Uptime SLA of N8 for Sourcegraph.com as reported by an internally available dashboard that does not require GCP access

In addition to the objectives above each organization within product & engineering have a set of key results for . Context on the orgs startegy as well as details on their key results are document on their respective strategy pages:

Product and Engineering are tracking these goals in our OKR tracker


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