Archive of Sourcegraph goals and OKRs

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In , we started the year off with the intent to have both annual and quarterly OKRs. Roughly halfway through the year, we determined annual OKRs weren’t keeping pace with Sourcegraph’s growth and scale. We reverted back to quarterly OKRs as they better aligned long-term strategy with short-term execution.

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  • During the period of through we experimented with less structured goals, requesting that each team maintains a goals handbook page. The intention was to encourage more willingness to change and keep goals up to date, but the experiment did not achieve the desired outcome. We started back with an OKR process for .

Note: the switch from calendar year (CY) to fiscal year (FY) happened in December 2019. This means that 2020 is intentionally omitted as a section, because we started tracking towards the new fiscal year ending , and there is actual continuity from CY19- with our next planned quarter designated .


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