Sourcegraph strategy

  • Mission (long-term): Make it so everyone codes; (short-term) Help pro devs code better and faster.
  • Strategy (for , this year): We will help more pro devs code better and faster with a single lovable code intelligence product.


Make it so everyone codes.

Our long-term mission is to make it so everyone codes. Software affects everything and everyone, but it’s too damn hard to build software. Over the long term (10+ years), we want to give everyone power to influence the world by making it so everyone can code.

For now, we help pro devs code better and faster. By building tools for pro devs to eliminate toil, we’re figuring out how to make it radically easier to build software in the future for everyone—and speeding up technological progress today.

More detailed mission and problem statement

Strategy ()

In we will help more pro devs code better and faster with a single lovable code intelligence product.

  • Build toward one lovable code intelligence product
  • Delight pro devs to win enterprises
  • Narrow our focus

Sourcegraph team members can view more internal details about our company strategy in the MSEM document and company framework. These artifacts help our team gain internal alignment and influence how we build, market, and sell our products.

Product vision and direction

Our product vision and direction are critical to achieving our strategy. See more details about what we’re building and why it matters in the product vision and direction doc (visible to internal Sourcegraph only).


Our values are the principles that help us execute our strategy and build a high-performance team.

Market segmentation

Having a single market segmentation helps teams and processes across Sourcegraph stay consistent. Our market segments are determined by the total number of full-time engineers at a given company. We use the following definitions as a consistent and common language for referencing our target market internally. This data is based on LinkedIn Sales Insights data or data derived from the customer where appropriate.

Customer Segment
Segment criteria
Small-to-Medium Biz (SMB)0 - 99 devs
Mid-Market (MM)100 - 500 devs
Enterprise501 - 2,500 devs
Strategic2,501+ devs